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Untethered jailbreak for Iphone 4S and IPad 2 running firmware 5.0 and 5.0.1 now available.

*****Coming soon*****

Unlock for iphone 4 firmware 5.0.1 baseband 04.11.08 available soon.


So far there is word that there "was" going to be a way to unlock this baseband for the iphone 4 but it has been proven as a false unlock. What it was, was this new unknown hacker claimed that he successfully unlocked the baseband 04.11.08 but what he really did was edit his photo within photoshop pro and made it seem as if he unlocked it to try and make a word for himself. Well he has been listed as a fraud and now we are waiting for the new version of ultrasn0w to be released. Please be patient as when I know it is available I will update again to let everyone know that it IS in fact 100% working.

Well it seems now that Apple is trying to open up a case and find the jailbreakers of the IPhones and they are trying to make it illegal to jailbreak the IDevices. I personally do not see this passing as there will always be a way around it and they will lose the case. So do not head the word that it IS illegal until you see it here on this site as an update. Once I know if this passes or not I will post it here and let everyone know about this. 


There is now a way to unlock the IPhone 4 on firmware 5.0.1 and 5.1 on baseband 04.11.08.

But the question is, will you do it??? 

The new method for unlocking this baseband is that you can go to AT&T (unlock is only supported by the IPhones on the AT&T GSM) and purchase the permanent unlock for a whopping $199.99. Now this is honestly outrageous for an unlock but then again it is reasonable because you will be switching GSM providers and AT&T will then lose you as a customer. But on the good side if ever you would like to go back to AT&T you will be able to since it is an unlocked IPhone. Now as far as I know, there is still a possibility that someone will release a way to unlock the 04.11.08 baseband for free using a SIM card or Ultrasn0w. But there is no word on weather they are still working on that yet. I will be keeping you posted when/if the unlock becomes available by a SIM card or a program update.


For those of you that have been anticipating an unlock for the IPhone 4 running baseband 04.11.08 there was word that a NEW Universal Sim by maximize trade has been proven as a false pretense as all it is, is scammers trying to take full advantage of the unknowing people that see something that they have been waiting for and they jump on top of the option to do it. the new Universal sim card runs $32 and does nothing to unlock the IPhone. So if you were looking to be able to unlock the IPhone 4 on the 04.11.08 using the Universal Sim card, sorry to say this but you can not unlock it. 


The latest news on the IPhone is that if you have a bricked IPhone you are now able to (and I like this new addition) UN-Brick your IPhone. Check the prices section to see how much it will cost to be able to get your IPhone UN-Bricked!!!